Solo and Duo

Haskalah (2017)

Commissioned by the University of Michigan Music Department and Joseph Gramley for the duo Organized Rhythm: Joseph Gramley, marimba and Clive Driskill-Smith, organ.

There are three sections in this piece that merge into each other. They are titled, “an ethereal bright light”, “converge and accelerate”, and, “gliding to infinity”.

Instrumentation: marimba and organ (9:30)
First Performance: San Luis Obispo Performing Arts Center February 19, 2017
Joseph Gramley and Clive Drisiell-Smith
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Aria (2013)

Aria is lifted from a larger work, an opera-in-progress, called Fordlandia, about the struggle for succession of power between Henry and his son Edsel at the Ford Motor Company. Evangeline, the secretary and mistress of Henry Ford, sings the aria. In this five-part work for violin and piano, we hear Evangeline’s Aria, an expression of love and triumph, at the end in the fifth and final section. The four sections that lead up to the finale imagine a dialogue and interaction about their complicated relationship.

Instrumentation: violin & piano (12:00 )
First Performance: Spectrum NYC
Karen Bentley Pollick, violin & William Susman, piano
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Quiet Rhythms - Book III (2012)

A set of 22 piano pieces. 11 Prologues and 11 Actions. View the first page of each piece in the sampler below. Book III is 104 pages.

Instrumentation: piano (55 minutes)
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Clear Light (2011)

This work was commissioned by organist Jessie Jewitt and premiered at St. Marks Church in Palo Alto, California with Romain Kang, violin. The work is in two movements entitled "Clear Light" and "Heart of Grace".

Instrumentation: organ and violin (10 mins.)
First Performance: Decemeber 18, 2011
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Quiet Rhythms - Book II (2010)

A set of 22 piano pieces. 11 Prologues and 11 Actions. View the first page of each piece in the sampler below. Book II is 109 pages.

Instrumentation: piano (55 minutes)
First Performance: University of Wolverhampton, England, March 6, 2013
R. Andew Lee, piano
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Amores Montuños (2008)

Commissioned by Patricia and Greg Zuber. Premiered at the Malletech Leigh Howard Stevens Summer Marimba Seminar. The excerpt here is live from the New York Chamber Music Festival, September 12, 2010 at Symphony Space, NYC.

This work is also available at Steve Weiss Music.

Instrumentation: flute and marimba (10:00)
First Performance: Ashbury, NJ, Trinity Church, June 15, 2010
Patricia Zuber, flute and Greg Zuber, Marimba
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Zydeco Madness (2005)

To the forgotten of Hurricane Katrina. Dedicated to Stas Venglevski

Zydeco is Creole-based music indigenous to Louisiana. The lead instrument of a Zydeco band is accordion and the music itself over the years has integrated a wide variety of popular music forms. The predominant thematic material in Zydeco Madness are rhythmic motifs. Stas Venglevski performs on a 'B' system bayan by Petosa.

Instrumentation: accordion (11:00)
First Performance: Chicago, The Green Mill, 2009
Stas Venglevski, Bayan Accordion
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Native New Yorker (2005)

Live performance version accompanying a screening of the film. Arranged for multi-wind instrumentalist Demetrius Spaneas who performed the work throughout Eastern Europe in 2008.

WINNER Best Documentary Short Tribeca Film Festival

An audio CD of the background track is included with the score

Instrumentation: multi-wind instrumentalist triples on flute, clarinet and alto saxophone (13:00)
First Performance: February 2008, Moscow, DOM Festival
Demetrius Spaneas, multi-wind instrumentalist
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Duo Montuño (2004)

Dedicated to Demetrius Spaneas and Elaine Kwon, The Sapphire Ensemble

Instrumentation: clarinet and piano (11:00)
First Performance: New York, The Knitting Factory, June, 2007
Demetrius Spaneas, clarinet and Elaine Kwon, piano
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Duo Montuño (2004)

Instrumentation: viola and piano (11:00)
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Piano Montuño (2004)

Instrumentation: piano (6:00)
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Duo Montuño (2004)

Instrumentation: alto sax and piano (11:00)
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Marimba Montuño (2002)

Dedicated to multi-percussionist Joseph Gramley, who has performed this work frequently in concert and at master classes throughout the US. Recorded on Joseph Gramley's CD Global Percussion.

This work is available at Steve Weiss Music.

Instrumentation: marimba (9:00)
First Performance: Nardin Park United Methodist Church, Farmington Hills, MI, October 31, 2004
Joseph Gramley, marimba
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Motions of Return (1996)

Instrumentation: flute and piano (9:00)
First Performance: San Francisco, Old First Church, 1996
Commissioned by Xanaduo, Esther Landau, flute and Lee Nolan, piano.
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Uprising (1988)

David Holzman recorded Uprising at Skywalker Sound.

Instrumentation: piano (11:00)
First Performance: New York, 92nd Street Y, 1990
David Holzman
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Floating Falling (1987)

Commissioned by André Emelianoff

This work is also available at Steve Weiss Music.

Instrumentation: cello and timpani (8:00)
First Performance: New York, Merkin Concert Hall, 1987
André Emelianoff, cello and Jonathan Haas, timpani
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