Seven Scenes for Four Flutes (2011)

Seven Scenes for Four Flutes was written at the behest of a commissioning consortium headed by Patricia Zuber. The movements are titled I. Build II. Swirl III. Echo IV. Weave V. Drift VI. Jagged VII. Shimmer. Premiered at the New York Chamber Music Festival at Symphony Space, NYC.

Instrumentation: Amplified Flute Quartet (12:30)
First Performance: September 18, 2011
Denis Bouriakov, Bart Feller, Maron Khoury, Patircia Zuber, flutes
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Amores Montuņos (2008)

Commissioned by Patricia and Greg Zuber. Premiered at the Malletech Leigh Howard Stevens Summer Marimba Seminar. The excerpt here is live from the New York Chamber Music Festival, September 12, 2010 at Symphony Space, NYC.

This work is available at Steve Weiss Music.

Instrumentation: flute and marimba (10:00)
First Performance: Ashbury, NJ, Trinity Church, June 15, 2010
Patricia Zuber, flute and Greg Zuber, Marimba
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Motions of Return (1996)

Instrumentation: flute and piano (9:00)
First Performance: San Francisco, Old First Church, 1996
Commissioned by Xanaduo, Esther Landau, flute and Lee Nolan, piano.
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